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Rocket Rail


This rollercoaster might... definitely not be up to safety code but it's the most fun you'll have on wheels. Take control of characters from the hit comedy "Some Assembly Required" as they pilot the iconic coaster at the Knickknack Toy Factory. Hang on as long as you can, because it'll be a bumpy ride!Features:• Explore wacky, familiar, and colourful sights around the factory!• Teeter on two wheels to avoid dangerous gaps and to reach for powerful pickups!• Take aim and throw K-Kubes to activate track switches and bust open caches! • Amass coins and gems to upgrade and unlock a wealth of content in the shop!• Unlock up to six riders, each with their own game-changing special ability!• Play your way with swipe OR tilt controls!• Collect tickets to spin the prize wheel after each round!